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Serving Long Beach, CA and surrounding areas, and Las Vegas, NV with vehicle rentals, and a large private estate with gym in Las Vegas, for film, video, or photo shoots.  Email or call for pricing and availability: rsvp@candhmoviecars.com or 562-822-6176

Police Cars

Sheriff Car, Police Cruiser, and Police Scooter

Both police cars are the real deal with working red and blue lights, sirens, computers, and prisoner's cage.

Sheriff Car 2Sheriff Car 3Sheriff Car 4Sheriff Car 5Sheriff Car 6Sheriff Car 7
Cop Car 1
Cop Car 2
Cop Car 3
Cop Car 4
Cop Car 5
Cop Car 6
Cop Car 7
Cop Car 8
Scooter 1
Scooter 2
Scooter 3

At C and H Movie Cars we know what it takes to make your production a success!
Please contact us for a quote.

A $100 deposit is required to have a vehicle reserved.  All deposits are non-refundable.

$75 for cleaning the car’s interior upon return for stains, dirt, or soilage; or $150 for excessive stains or odors.

$50 for cleaning the car’s exterior upon return for excessive dirt (ie: off-road driving), or $125 for extreme dirt.

If you lose: magnets $100 ea, light bar cover $175, hubcaps $50 ea, props (varies depending on item).
$150 if key(s) is/are not returned with the vehicle.

If vehicle is returned later than scheduled, you may also be charged a late return fee ($50 every hour past due).

Email or call for pricing and availability: rsvp@candhmoviecars.com or 562-822-6176

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